Your Next Travel Buddy

We get it, finding someone to travel with can be difficult. Buddyng takes the stress out of sifting through potential travel partners even before saying ‘Hello’!

Need a buddy for your tour for two this weekend? 👫🏙
Or maybe you’re scouting for surfers in Bali this Summer? 🏄🏽☀️

Whether you’re looking nearby or elsewhere, the Buddyng Community houses interesting individuals around the world for you to filter through to match your interests.


Discover Travel Treasures

Buddyng is a social network revolving around anything travel.

Whether you seek to inspire or to be inspired, this is the platform for any 21st-century traveller. With the ease of posting and scrolling through travel treasures, why not discover your next adventure with Buddyng?


Organise Your Travels

Planning for an upcoming trip is all part of travelling. Whether it’s enjoyable to you or not, we’re here to ease your planning problems!

Look out for new updates! Future collaborations with reputable travel partners mean that there’ll be even more features to better organise your travels.

Want to find cheap travel deals? Search with Buddyng.


Our Safety Commitment

“Your safety is of utmost importance to us!”
We know this phrase gets tossed around a lot… but hear us out! At Buddyng, we genuinely care about your safety both online and offline.

🛤 Absorb place-specific Safety Tips shared by the Buddyng Community to assist you in your travels. Feel encouraged posting Safety Tips on Buddyng knowing that you could help a fellow traveller.

📲 Rest easy knowing that our dedicated security controls respect your privacy and protect your data when using Buddyng.


Get Verified

We are aware that sometimes the person you’re talking to online isn’t the person in the photo. To combat this, we are evolving our security systems by implementing user verification systems to ensure that catfishing is avoided.

Our two-step verification involves a combination of automated and human verification to identify individuals to the greatest possible level of accuracy.

Get verified and connect with others knowing they are who they say they are.

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