Impact comes from the community we build. This is why we devote our growth, profits and success back into our community.


Travel Within Education

Travel educates us further than the bounds of classroom walls. Travel enables us to engage with diverse communities. Travel expands our knowledge to understand different cultures and alternative ways of life. Travel increases empathy and self-awareness.

Travel is fundamental, which is why we believe that it should be a mandatory part of the education curriculum.

To contribute, a proportion of our profits are invested in education to help everyone experience the benefits of travel.


The Buddyng Community

A social network is nothing without its users. Buddyng is nothing without its community.

We are forever grateful for the support of our Community. This is why we strive to offer members of our Community financial and/or social assistance for the purpose of advancing individual travel ambitions and as a way of saying β€œThank you” 😊


Our Safety Commitment

We are committed to strengthening traveller safety both online and offline. As the dynamic digital landscape changes, we place the security of the Buddyng Community at the forefront to ensure that your safety is never compromised.

Contributing to traveller safety around the world, we harness the impact of Safety Tips and Recommendations from the Buddyng Community, and offer updates from trusted sources.

We endeavour to inform and support the safety of travellers when exploring new territories.

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